Do ya feel lucky punk?

Hey y’all! At first, this was supposed to be an article about lucky numbers, but I found
some other superstitions that are too good not to share. These are just from articles online so some of the information may be questionable. Read with a grain of salt. And now…the superstitions!

  • An unlucky number that we are familiar with is 13. This number is also unlucky in other western countries, but it is a lucky number in Italy. There 13 is associated with Saint Anthony, who is the saint for lost people and finding things.
  • 666 is also a number that most Christian populated countries considered unlucky because, in the bible, it is the number of the beast. However, in China, six is lucky. The more sixes the better, I guess?
  • In Russia, it is bad luck to carry an empty bucket or even see someone carrying an empty bucket. This is probably because one of their Tsars was murdered by a man with an empty bucket.
  • In pre-medieval Britain, women carried acorns in their pockets to slow aging.
  • In China, Japan and Vietnam, the number four sounds like their word for death (sì, shi & tu).
  • Actually, in Japan 42 (shini) sounds like “to die”, and 564 (goroshi) sounds like “murder.”
  • In Sweden three is lucky because “all good things come in threes.”
  • Germans consider four lucky because that is how many leaves lucky clovers have.
  • In Bolivia, a way to cure the evil eye is to rub an egg on the victim, break the egg into a glass, and set the glass under the victim’s bed.
  • In South Korea, leaving a fan on at night has been blamed for deaths.

So there you have it friends – go forth and be lucky.