Prom 2017: Just Plain Fancy

Each year, many upperclassmen look forward to their junior and senior prom. At Bethany, the junior class has a prom committee that plans the event. and The night is for the seniors, and having fun. I was on the prom committee this year, and I got to work with several of my classmates to put the prom on. The theme for prom this year was called “Just Plain Fancy.” The decorations were simple, but elegant and it took place at the Patchwork Quilt Inn in Middlebury, in a barn. Everyone on the committee decided that a simple theme would fit the rustic feel of the barn. I think that planning went smoothly, and the venue was gorgeous.

Planning prom was fun, and I enjoyed being involved in the process. However, I was was nervous about going this year. There was a lot of pressure about getting ready, finding friends to go with, and determining a table. Once I got there, though, I discovered that none of that mattered. The night was a lot of fun, and it was great to be able to dance and sing with groups of people I may not have spoken to on any other night. Overall, prom was a success and I would recommend it for everyone who is at Bethany their junior and senior year.