New Student Profiles: Anthony Moser and Kolton Meerzo

Anthony Moser, a 9th grader at Bethany, said that he came to Bethany because his sister comes to Bethany and his mom also came here. His mom and his sister both told him that they really like Bethany so he decided to come here. Anthony likes the smaller class sizes at Bethany because he used to go to Goshen that had really big classes. He also enjoys playing sports, putting together puzzles, and making models. Anthony has 2 sisters, one who is 12 years old and is attending Bethany as a 7th grader and one that’s 8 years old at Waterford Elementary.








Kolton Meerzo, a 9th grader at  Bethany, said that he came to Bethany because some of his best friends are here and that it is better than his old school. He has 3 siblings, a sister who is 13 and at Wawasee 


Middle School, a brother who is 10 and goes to North Webster (and who might be coming to Bethany next year), and a second brother who is 8 and he also goes to North Webster. Kolton enjoys basketball, penny boarding, wakeboarding, golf, and dirtbikes. He plans on playing on the basketball and golf teams this school year.