New Student Profiles:

Meg Heinisch:

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Meg is coming into Bethany this year as a junior.. She attended Wawasee previously, and has noted that Bethany is much different than her old school. She says that it is much smaller, and that students are much more serious about theiracademics. She has three siblings. Two of them are older, and one is younger. The younger sibling attends Bethany. She is looking forward to basketball and tennis later in the school year, and currently plays on the girls soccer team.

Peace Muhagachi:

Peace is new to the sophomore class, and has come all the way from Tanzania. She says that her school in Tanzania was very strict, and not as friendly at Bethany. It was small though, so the size of both schools isn’t that different. She also plays lots of sports in her spare time, and is a part of Bethany’s girls soccer team.


Genesis Comadoll:

Genesis is a new freshman at Bethany this year. She says that at her old school, sports were the primary focus, and academics kind of sat on the sidelines. This year, she is looking forward to play basketball, be involved with track, and she may even participate in Bethany’s drama program. She enjoys swimming, bike riding, drawing, and spending time with friends.