Fitness at Fidler

In September of each school year, Bethany high school takes an afternoon to go to Fidler Pond and spend time outdoors. Some sports teams utilize this time to get practice in, and students not involved in athletics enjoy the afternoon to be with friends and enjoy the sunshine. Fitness at Fidler was implemented by the school improvement committee to promote the importance of physical education in the student body. This year Fitness at Fidler happened September 20th, 2017.


When asked about the schoolwide benefits of the event, science teacher Amy Thut replied, “The Fitness at Fidler event sends a clear message to our school community that taking time for exercise is valuable for all of us, whether we play a sport or not.” Students Sierra Campbell and Sadie Kozlowski (‘18) both noted that the event was a nice, relaxing time to get out of the routine of school and spend time with friends.


At the end of the event, the laps taken by each student are tallied and averaged out. Class averages are announced, and all average laps are totaled. This year, our high school and faculty walked a total of 736.5 miles. The sophomores had the highest lap average of 5. 78 miles per student. This event has been beneficial in getting students outside and being active, and will continue to do so for years to come.