More Poems by Gavin Rusel, Student Poet

Anyone is invited to submit any poetry for consideration 🙂


Life Moves On

You have a choice,

A chance to use your voice

Will you?


Will you be swept up in the bustle

Or get away from the hustle

To take it easy.


It’s your choice,

To bottle up or use your voice.

So… what’ll it be??


If There is No God

If there is no Higher power,

And we are just wasting away hour by hour,

Sitting down on earth obeying those with power,

Where does creativity come from?


If all our thoughts can be explained,

And dismissed down one big drain,

If they all happen in our brain.

How do they even exist?


If God is dead,

And our minds are not lead,

And it is just us inside our head,

Where do opinions come from?


If science can explain how we feel,

Before and after every meal,

From the top of our head to the tip of our heel,

Where does love come from?  

If we know everything,

From a mouse’s foot to a butterfly’s wing,

And every song the bird does sing,

Who writes the harmony?


If there is no God,

What is our purpose?  


-Gavin Rusel