That’s Life 2017/2018

Welcome to That’s Life for the 2017/2018 school year! That’s life is a fun post that shares funny quotes from your classmates and teachers. If you have submissions of your own, feel free to submit to the That’s Life box outside of the social media room! (right next to the junior couches)

 “It’s not murder if it’s for science” -Simia Yoder (’19)

 “Winnie the Pooh is a vicious killer.” -Josh Weaver

“Don’t put that in This Is Life” -Brent Reinhardt

“if you have a skyscraper, what do you need to invent?” -Brent Reinhardt


“in a perfect world, i wouldn’t wear any clothes at all” -Hank Willems

“I consider myself a palm tree enthusiast.” -Kaci Yoder (’18)

“Karl and Klaus are the reason I don’t want to go to Minnesota.” – Fiona Yeakey (’19)

In US History, Brent was talking about Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea. Kassy Miller (’19) said, “I thought Sacagawea was some big hairy monster, like Bigfoot.” Several voices exclaimed, “No, that’s Sasquatch!”

“I make a mean cookie.” -Josh Weaver

“I looked like a giant twinkie with boobs” -Hannah Kaethler (’18)

“When I got my 4t t shirts, I gave up my apple juice for life.” -Josh Weaver

“Back in my day, Joel, we used widget spinners.” -Josh Weaver

Josh when examining his coffee like wine “Hmmmmm, notes of sitting on a shelf too long, notes of over roasted beans, and a bland flavorless finish with a hint of regret.”

“I am a very large dinosaur.” -Brooke Reinhardt (’18)

“Democracy is like the cinnamon challenge. Too much of it is bad, not enough is just uninteresting.” -Josh Weaver

“She said my tone was ‘chatty and informal’! I’m not a formal person! The most formal i get is shaving my legs for one day!” -Ana Yoder (’21)

Josh had to clarify in Government: “Nudism isn’t a religion.”