Movie Review: Thor:Ragnarok

*This article for Thor: Ragnarok contains no spoilers. Read freely and enjoy.


As some of you may know, I am a serious geek and adore both Marvel and DC Comics. I am especially in love with the Marvel cinematic universe, and see almost every Marvel movie the weekend that it comes out. Thor: Ragnarok was no exception. I went into this movie concerned. The trailers for the movie were all very bright, and seemed to have an element of humor similar to the Guardians Of the Galaxy movies. That made me nervous because I didn’t think that Thor belonged in the same category as the cringy but loveable characters of Guardians. However, my fears were put to rest. The movie was funny, but in an innocent sort of way. The cringe and awkwardness of the humor was toned way down, which gave the movie it’s own place in the movie franchise. It was the least boring of all of the Thor movies, the funniest, and over all the most enjoyable to watch. It had plenty of classic comic book characters, as well as introduced an entirely new, adorable group.

Overall, I think that Thor: Ragnarok is the best Thor movie to date, and even one of the better movies in the series connecting to the Infinity War movies coming out in the future. It was new, funny, and very action packed.