The Star On My Heart: Meeting Inge Auerbacher

Many times in theatre, the shows performed are works of fiction. The Star On My Heart, however, is based off of the memoirs of a woman named Inge Auerbacher. Inge came and spoke in chapel three weeks ago She shared her story of how she survived the holocaust, and became a successful chemist after moving to the United States.


Inge came to spend the weekend  with the cast and crew of The Star On My Heart. We attended a worship service where Inge spoke at Temple Beth-El in South Bend. Those who attended ate lunch with her there, and then we met back at school. We performed the entire show for her in costume, and then ate dinner with her. During dinner we got to ask her questions about our characters, and let her tell us about her life and different characters in the play. After dinner we went back to the chapel and each cast and crew member lit a candle in remembrance of the character we played if they died in the holocaust, or for the thousands of children slaughtered in concentration camps. At the end we prayed and sang together, Inge then graciously autographed the books that we bought from her during that Friday’s chapel.


The weekend overall was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Inge was such a beautiful, remarkable woman. Her story is incredible, and worthy of this stage adaptation