New Student Profiles: Andres Lira, Kiara Dyck, and Yannick Dueck

Andres Lira

Andres Lira came to Bethany late last semester. Andres is from Puerto Rico, but after Hurricane Maria caused mass destruction this fall, he and his dad decided to come to the US. Andres was already connected to Bethany because he is a cousin of Melina Liras.

Andres is a freshman at Bethany. He’s friendly and open which was very nice for this awkward reporter. His favorite thing about Bethany is that it’s “friendly.” He says his second favorite thing is the air conditioning. After the hurricane, many parts of Puerto Rico didn’t have power for months, and some still do not, so coming to the US and finding not only air conditioning but also wintry weather must have been a welcome surprise for Andres. In school, Andres enjoys PE and is going to be on the Bethany baseball team.

Kiara Dyck

Kiara is a 16 year old sophomore at Bethany coming to us all the way from Asunción, Paraguay. She is excited to be at Bethany, because a lot of her friends have come to our school from Paraguay and enjoyed their time here with us. So far, her favorite class is Geography and History of the World. Her favorite colors are either pink or yellow, she can’t decide. We are all so excited to have a new student, and the sophomore class has gotten a great new addition to their already awesome class.

Yannick Dueck

Yannick is a sophomore at Bethany from Paraguay. His older brother, Giovanni, was at Bethany last year. His favorite thing about Bethany is how friendly the people are. He made many friends quickly because his fellow students were very welcoming. His favorite class at the moment is Geography.